Wizard Writer

Wizard Writer
Wizard Writer is an experienced freelance researcher and tutor who has worked with various students on different subjects. His background as an educator has significantly impacted his progress as a freelance writer over the years.

Wizard Writer has almost nine years of experience in academic writing, and has all the necessary skills required to handle various subjects including Creative Writing, Business, Communications, Criminology, English Literature, Ethics, Information Technology, Health Studies and Law. Wizard Writer has managed to help tutor students on assignments of different formats such as APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago and Turabian.

His reliability and commitment have enabled him to work with different students on projects such as Annotated Bibliography, Article Critique, Article Review, Book Critique, Book Review, Business Plan, Capstone Project, Case Studies, Reflection Papers, Dissertation Chapters and even Admission Essays among many others.
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Customer Reviews
Charleston, West Virginia | 2023-04-23
Thank you for the hard work and perfect score.
Research paper, Other , Undergraduate
Kari Yerg
San Francisco, California | 2023-03-27
Excellent service and followed instructions perfectly.
Research paper, History , Undergraduate
Kari Yerg
San Francisco, California | 2023-03-27
Everything was done very well.
Research paper, History , Undergraduate
Worcester, Massachusetts | 2022-02-25
Scored 100%!
Reflection paper / essay, Other , Undergraduate
Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania | 2021-11-04
As per the instruction, you were to summarize the findings from the evidence analysis that support your practice problem. Include a minimum of at least 5 evidence-based practice sources that support your practice problem. Identify research, clinical guidelines, expert opinions, and other relevant information. You must include two-three research studies in your analysis. Using your own words synthesize the evidence that supports your identified practice problem. There should be no quotes or personal opinions included in this section. You were to discuss the type of research conducted by the authors in all of the studies. Also, as per the syllabus, you were to include data that suggests a practice problem exists. How do you know that it is a problem in your organization?
Capstone project, Other , Undergraduate
Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania | 2021-10-25
8 APA errors.
Discussion board post, Other , Undergraduate
Worcester, Massachusetts | 2020-03-08
Score a 90%.
Research paper, Other , Undergraduate
Yonkers, New York | 2020-01-26
Great paper.
Article review, Law , Undergraduate
Yonkers, New York | 2020-01-25
Great job
Research paper, Information Technology , Graduate
Dayton, Ohio | 2019-10-21
great job
Assignment, Management , Professional

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