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Is ordering a custom paper considered cheating?

Ordering a model custom research paper or essay is totally legal, same as if you were asking a professional to do a marketing research for your business, or ghost write an article for a website.

Of course, an ideal situation is when you do all the research and writing yourself. However, the student’s life is not ideal and usually overwhelmed with numerous tasks and responsibilities - not to mention the load of academic assignments, which is often more than one can cope with.

Thus, even the best students in class my face a deadline burnout or last-minute force majeure that leaves them with no choice but to request some assistance from the best researh paper writing service out there.

When you order research paper online with our service - you just hire one of our writing experts to do a preliminary research with the use of appropriate sources, like scholar journals, magazines, books, etc.; then summarize it in a custom-tailored model paper that meets your specific instructions and requirements.


We provide original research papers and essays written from scratch based on the individual instructions submitted by our clients. Our writers treat every order as a unique research project and put their best efforts into it. Additionally, all papers are checked with an efficient plagiarism detection system to ensure that any citations are properly referenced.

Proper Use

The proper use of such custom written paper should not raise any questions about academic dishonesty or cheating, as long as your study and understand the subject matter of your assignment before handing it in to your professor.

Please, note that some professors may impose an oral examination on your research paper in case they suspect it being ghostwritten. If you happen to be unfamiliar with the content of your paper or its sources, then you can be charged with an academic fraud.

Thus, we urge you to study your work thoroughly before submission – to avoid any reasons for doubt.

Confidentility Guarantee

There is no way to trace the origin of your paper back to us, since we guarantee the protection of your personal data and never disclose the fact that you were using our services. We respect your confidentiality and ensure that it is treated with the utmost delicacy by our staff, so you may always feel comfortable with our assistance.


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