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How can I make sure the payment was successful?

The process of buying research paper should be completed by the following confirmation message on the PayPal page:

You paid $XXX USD

Once you order custom paper, you may then go back to our website by clicking 'Return to Merchant' button. If you payment was successful, your order status will change to 'Assigning a writer'. This means that your payment was accepted and your order is being currently processed by our support staff. 

This transaction will appear on your statement as: PayPal *CUSTOMPAPER.

Confirmation letter from PayPal:

Soon after your payment is processed, you will also receive a confirmation letter from PayPal with the following subject line: "Receipt for your Payment to"

Confirmation letter from

Another confirmation letter with your order summary and a purchase receipt will be sent to your email on behalf of our Company:

All incoming research paper orders are usually processed within 1-2 hours. Please, note that we reserve the right to decline your order request and refund the payment, if your order instructions cannot be fulfilled. 

Once we process your order and accept your instructions, your order status will change to 'In Progress' and you will receive an update to your email confirming that we are already working on your assignment and you should expect the delivery of your final draft by the specified deadline.

*If for some reason your request is declined -- you will be notified immediately and your order will be refunded in full. We will not proceed with your order unless we are confident in our ability to fulfill your instructions!


If you have any additional questions, feel free to submit a ticket, chat or give us a call.

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